Production Walkthrough …

I am still gathering some stuff ( eg screenshots, references, audio samples) and while doing this I am thinking about expanding the review and show you guys how I use it in my productions. Soundwise I am more an oldschool guy so expect some House & Techno stuff whit it’s roots in the 80’s & 90’s. That`s what you would mostly find in my record collection: classic Chicago, Detroit & NY/NJ tracks ( beside my Soul, Jazz and Funk stuff…).

And because it´s about a new Drum Machine I will concentrate on beat production only. Setting up everything, sequencing it and adding some oldschool swing glory, getting most out of this device by making use of it’s velocity controls, polishing up everything with additional plugins from the freeware realm…


5 thoughts on “Production Walkthrough …

  1. Sup producer,
    Try getting samples of the tunes you like. Add effects to take out the bass (EQ).
    Then try make a drum beat to that.
    It will get you up and running believe that

    • Hey lilses,

      tank you for the suggestion. Actually I was thinking of showing those young guys and gals how to get some nice 80’s and 90’s House Beat flavour. I grew up with some guys that owned a MPC60 and SP1200 in the early 90s and they produced HipHop & House & Techno with it ( think of stuff like Kenny Dope Gonzales or Basic Channel).

      I thought it would be cool showing you how to program a simple but kickin 4/4 beat in all it’s oldschool glory with only one drum machine, some freebies from the net and some basic mixing techniques.

      I am not that deep into sampling because of copyright issues. But I am doing Sound Design for more than 7 years now and I think I am pretty good at it (according to the people I work with or that have heard my stuff). 🙂

      So yeah, perhaps it would be a good idea to add some other elements like a bass. Perhaps I can show you some simple patch programming techniques too like old Prophet 5 bass sound or could write something about the differences in sound between an ARP saw wave and the Roland ones (positive vs negative), their pros & cons.


  2. Sounds good. Have you got any thing I could listen to?

    • Sure. Here is my latest project. Found an engineer in the US who is building up his portfolio and interested in mixing it for me. Have not worked with a dedicated Mixing Engineer before so I can completely concentrate on Sounddesign and Arrangement. Still working on some other tracks but this one is the raw version I showed to the engineer for an early impression.

      And another project I am working on is with this guy from South Africa who developed a new softsynth which I really dig. I programmed some of the sounds for the default patchbank. Anyway, here is the dedicated site for all HYDi (that’s the name of the synth) related sounds I created.

      The 1.3 Teaser is pretty interesting because all sounds are 100% build from scratch by me. Pretty versatile thingy. And all FX (like reverb, delay etc) are coming from this synth too. Even the arpeggiator. So it was more an experiment what can be done with only one synthesizer. Some sort of tech demo.

      Hope you like them. 🙂


      • Whoaaaa, I didn’t know I was going to be listening to some killer sounds man, damn that HYD 1.3 teaser really rocks the boat. One Up!

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